woensdag 20 april 2016

so yes, here it is:

Freitag, 29. April um 19 Uhr in Grüntaler9
Grüntalerstr. 9, 13557 Berlin 

Samstag, 30.April 2016 ab 16 Uhr in GlogauAIR
Glogauerstr. 16, 10999 Berlin 

During the Berlin Gallery Weekend the Performance-collective ‘Buktapaktop’ from Brussels will be present with a small delegation from the group accompanied by some friends from Antwerp & Berlin. 
They will be presenting work at Grüntaler 9 on Friday evening the 29th of April during the ‘Süpperclub’ – intervening in the kitchen as well as in the space itself. 

On Saturday afternoon they propose a tea-time (Kafeetisch) pop-up exhibition and various performance presentations at GlogauAIR from 4 p.m.  - with evening presentations commencing at 7 p.m.
These venues will be augmented by various interventions in the public space at various locations in the city, 

This activity is part of an exchange begun in 2015 with the visit by Irene Pascual and Patrick Morarescu to Buktapaktop, with a subsequent photo-performance evening in November... this can be seen as a return visit and perhaps the beginning of a wider interchange...

Buktapaktop will be represented by 

Julien Celdran
Lise Duclaux
LL and Heinrich Obst
Accompanied by
Carina Gosselé & Michael Laird
Viviane Klagsbrun
Irene Pascual 

Organization: Patrick Morarescu & Bureau Gruzemayer

Bukta Paktop

Buktapaktop is a loose artistic ensemble operating a performance venue in Brussels, Belgium. Its core group consists of eight artists (one duo) that operate individually as well as in group, depending on the situation at hand. The name derives from the depression-era colloquial for reconstituted smokes: “Flor de Buktapaktop” – essentially a hand-picked selection of butts found in the street, used to make new cigarettes. This diverse group often operates & interacts in the public space, as well as in like-minded, alternative venues.

Often departing from a brainstorming session around a (bukta)table, this project for Berlin also proposes a  reference to dinnertime, table, round or square, “Kaffeetisch” (tea-time, coffee-table) as basic premise from where various presentations and activities emanate. It can be seen as a return visit from the recent intervention by Berlin based Patrick Morarescu at Buktapaktop Brussels during the terror-lockdown in November last year.

Participating members are:

Dialogist-Kantor, (B/E) Patacyclical duo that have a long history of alternative spaces, festivals, moments of all sorts... 
Julien Celdran, (B) working often with social issues, operating in public spaces and in conjunction with neighbourhood projects, but also more intimate work using his own body...
Lise Duclaux (F) also addresses social issues though on a more philosophical scale, as well as making use of as much natural references as possible, she often illustrates her position using wild plants and investigating the life of our fellow animals...
LL & Heinrich Obst (B/D) often collaborate loosely in various ways, often in a hidden, deflective sort of manner, under different guises and formats.

Antwerp Associates:
Carina Gosselé & Michael Laird (B/NY) also collaborate but not exclusively, often referring to social and political issues of the day, often in conjunction with other groups, individuals, entities to form part of a greater effort...
Viviane Klagsbrun (B) has retreated somewhat from a background of performance, aktionismus and communality to concentrate on her essential medium of painting and drawing, mainly as an ongoing process of creation and destruction.

Irene Pascual (ESP) with experimentation and challenge in the focus, she enjoys collaboration not only with other creators but mostly with audiences, public and visitors

Buktapaktop general programming:

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